Great reviews for release of second single by our artist Beatrice Betley

We are very happy for our artist Beatrice Betley and the reviews she received for her second single “Lullaby”

Broadway World called her “an artist that clearly creates a vision of her own”

Ventsmagazine : “There are a lot of credible singers coming out of the indie jazz community at the moment, but I personally haven’t heard many boasting the elegant demeanor that this vocalist is from beginning to end here.”

MusicExistence : “If you love captivating jazz singers with an ear for pop harmonies when it counts the most, Beatrice Betley is an artist you need to be listening to..”

and none other than IMAAI concluding that Beatrice is “…a deeply gifted singer on the verge of mainstream success.”

Congratulations !

Her album UPSIDE| DOWN will be release later this year. To preorder send a mail

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